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I’m a mum who’s addicted to getting tattoos all over my body

A MUM-OF-ONE has revealed she’s addicted to getting tattoos all over her body and has spent £14,000 on her “edgy Barbie” transformation.

Sharai, 30, a beautician and bartender from Denver, Colorado, has covered her neck, shoulders, stomach and arms in ink.

Sharai, 30, is a mum-of-one who's addicted to getting tattoos


Sharai, 30, is a mum-of-one who’s addicted to getting tattoosCredit: Instagram/@hoorayitssharai
She's spent £14k on her 'edgy Barbie' transformation


She’s spent £14k on her ‘edgy Barbie’ transformationCredit: Instagram/@hoorayitssharai

She told the Daily Star: “My brother passed away when he was 22 and had just started his first sleeve, so I wanted to finish that for him and get a sleeve.

“Then it became addicting for my own self. I now have two sleeves, my neck, chest, stomach, and leg. Too many to count.

“I’ve spent about $10,000 (£7,000) and I always want more – I’m starting my leg sleeve at the moment.”

The US Instagram model, who wants to look like an “edgy Barbie”, spent a further $10,000 (£7,000) on a boob job when she was 19.

Sharai also gets regular filler and Botox – and says her family are totally behind her, as her mum and dad are also heavily tattooed.

Sharai says her aim is to be 'the best influence' for her daughter


Sharai says her aim is to be ‘the best influence’ for her daughterCredit: Instagram/@hoorayitssharai

She added: “I would say the look I go for is 90’s Pamela Anderson with Tommy Lee’s tattoos.

“My dream is to be the best influence and mother I can be for my daughter.

“And hopefully to have enough influence where I can help women, animals and my community.”

Mum-of-three covers body and face in tattoos and even inked her lips

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