I’m A Celebrity 2021: Naughty Boy drama over rice as Frankie breaks down in tears


I’M A Celebrity star Naughty Boy stirred up drama over cooking duties with campmates as Frankie Bridge broke down in tears.

The music producer got all heated up over how Frankie was preparing the rice for the camp and set her straight over her ‘rice pudding.

Meanwhile EastEnders Adam Woodyatt and Corrie’s Steve Gregson joined the star line-up and came up trumps on their first challenge.

Earlier today GMB and former This Morning host Richard Madeley revealed he was forced to quit the show this afternoon – because he left the group’s strict Covid bubble.

Read our I’m A Celeb live blog below for the latest news and gossip…

  • Taxiiii

    Did you hear Naughty after he got into a grump with Kadeena and Louise for cooking without him?

    He said: “If this was the real world, I would have got a taxi by now.”

    Get him!

  • Top bird

    I’m a Celeb fans have got plenty of time for Naughty Boy and his new bird.

    Every time he sees that robin, Sunny, the world is good again.

    One fan wrote: “Naught Boy using a friendship with a bird as a coping mechanism.”

  • Anti-climax

    Fans were expecting an explosion when Arlene and Naughty Boy promised to confront the campmates for making Naughty Boy do two trials in a day.

    Instead of an explosion they got gently simmering, er, rice.

  • Rows galore

    Fans can’t get over Naughty Boy’s strop tonight.

    The memes are coming in thick and fast on Twitter.


  • Lording it up

    What an entrance for EastEnders Adam and Corrie’s Steve tonight.

    Fans loved how they went straight into a trial.

    A real Test-icle of strength and endurance.


  • Simmer down

    Rice and beans gate continues after Naughty Boy gave his campmates a dressing down over their rice and beans,

  • It’s just not rice

    How did they all get so heated up over the rice saga?

    Did you see Frankie getting all upset about offending Naughty Boy by saying ‘it’s our camp’.

    Day 4, and they are already at each other’s throats

  • He’s a sensitive soul…

    Well, that’s the polite way of saying it.

    Fans are running, running, running – geddit – out of patience for Naughty Boy’s rants.

    They’ve taken to Twitter to off-load.

  • So Naughty

    As if he hasn’t been through enough, Naughty boy is soooo not going to be nice about doing this Creepy Closets challenge the public has voted for him to do.


  • Some of the camp aren’t happy with Simon and Adam’s Lord status…

    One fan pointed out: “all arlene and naughty boy do is complain.”

    Another said: “arlene and naughty boy always complaining about something.”

  • A castle make-over

    The camp now has two portraits of Lord Adam and Simon, a HUGE bed and two thrones to sit on around the fire.

    Living the life of luxury!

  • 11 out of 12 stars for the camp tonight

    Well done Adam and Simon!

  • Round 5!

    The last round is a drinking challenge.

    Adam and Simon have got to drink a glass of that has blended cow anus in it.

    Simon has just downed the glass and Adam just finished his too!

    They’ve smashed it!

  • Adam managed to get the final duck with seconds to spare

    YES Adam!

  • One minute to go!

    Simon has got all of the ducks out of the tub

    Come on Adam!

  • Round four!

    In this round they have to pick up the ducks with their mouth, but it’s not that simple, the tub is full of rats.

    And Adam just said that he’s not a huge fan of them…

  • Adam failed to get the second star

    So they only got three out of four in the end..

  • Time is ticking!

    With 30 seconds left they both still have one star to go…

  • Round three!

    Adam and Simon have four stars up for grabs in this round.

    They’ve popped their head into a glass box filled with snakes and they have to try and get the stars with just their mouth.

    Will they do it in time?

  • Round two!

    The two soap stars have to try and knock coconuts off some stands

    The pair have some amazing aim and knocked them all off!

  • They smashed the first round!

    Adam just managed to get his final testicle in the tray with just seconds to spare

  • Round one is underway!

    Adam and Simon are doing very well transfering the sheep’s testicles from one tray to the other…

    Go on lads!

  • Fans joked that they would never be served in Ian Beale’s restaurant

    One said: “Never thought I’d be watching Ian Beale with testicles in his mouth tbh.”

    Another joked: “You wouldn’t find that food in Iain beales restaurants.”

    Meanwhile a third chimed in: “This trial looks great..”

  • First up: The Testicle Ticket Booth

    They have to get all the sheep’s testicles in one tray to another, using just their mouths…


  • The two are about to take part in the Scare Fair

    They have to complete five rounds and will be able to win 12 stars for camp.

    How do you think they’ll do?

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