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I earn £109k a MONTH selling sexy vids with my boyfriend while studying

WHEN Camila Elle joined OnlyFans, she just wanted to pay her student tuition and support her plans of doing medicine.

But now she’s raking in £109,000-a-month ($150,000) selling sexy vids with her boyfriend.

Camila Elle is on OnlyFans with her boyfriend & makes £109k a month


Camila Elle is on OnlyFans with her boyfriend & makes £109k a monthCredit: Jam Press
But she's been stalked and sent death threats - admitting there are downsides


But she’s been stalked and sent death threats – admitting there are downsidesCredit: Jam Press

But Camila, from Florida, warns there’s a dark side to her chosen career, with her being stalked and sent death threats as as result.

“We’ve made a lot of money but there are many downsides. I have been stalked, harassed, and targeted for my OnlyFans by men,” she tells Daily Star.

Camila has also had bank accounts closed down and been denied applications to rent properties.

She says: “They never give me a reason but I have to assume it’s because of OnlyFans.”

The student started her page last July and is already in the top one per cent of creators – and her boyfriend’s very much on board.

She says: “We started it together and only work together, if he’s not in the video filming a sex scene, he’ll be behind the camera directing! Our page is a team effort.”

Camila adds: “Without us having such a strong bond this would have been difficult to do alone. There is a huge mental toll that comes with putting your sex life out for the world to see.”

Among her “worst” moments was when a neighbour recognised her on social media, after she posted a picture with the street name in it.

She says: “He began to send me threats daily. I would block him and he would come back under another account.

“He would say ‘I saw you walking your dog today on so and so street alone, I could’ve raped you today’.”

Camila says it's changed her life so she has no regrets


Camila says it’s changed her life so she has no regretsCredit: Camila Elle/Instagram

Despite the downsides, Camila has no regrets.

She says: “Saying OnlyFans has changed my life would be a massive understatement. I was a pre-med student struggling to pay for tuition to having an international fanbase making over $1million (£721,000) a year.”

OnlyFans is now in the process of banning explicit content, like Camila’s vids.

Another of the site’s stars told Fabulous she felt “betrayed” as the platform kept creators in the dark.

I sell sexy snaps with my daughter – people think it’s weird but who cares when we’re making money

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