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Husband starts dating just three weeks after his wife’s death & her best friend is furious

A WOMAN whose best friend died has expressed her anger after catching her widowed husband with another woman just three weeks after the death of his wife.

The heartbroken friend, named Bradlee, revealed that she had taken her friend’s kids to the park for a day out – and when they returned, another woman was fooling around with the newly widowed man, their dad.

The man began dating just three weeks after his wife had died


The man began dating just three weeks after his wife had diedCredit: Getty

Not only did the discovery shock Bradlee, who was still grieving the death of her best friend, but the kids saw it too, with the man’s youngest daughter running “down the street” to get away.

The older child “slammed his door and refused to unlock it” after seeing his dad move on so quickly, with Bradlee lashing out at the “selfish father”.

“I attacked him for moving on too quickly, for not loving Amy enough to keep his d**k in his pants for a few months, and for being a selfish father,” she said in a heartfelt blag post, Mail Online reports.

Bradlee promised her friend that she would support the two kids and their dad Henry after she was gone – but realising he’d moved on so quickly made it almost impossible.

I attacked him for moving on too quickly, for not loving Amy enough to keep his d**k in his pants for a few months, and for being a selfish father.


She was furious with the thought that she was still so torn up over her best friend’s death, but her husband, the man who supposedly loved her, had moved on so easily.

The woman shared her disgust in him having random woman visit the home he shared with his wife just weeks earlier.

She said that he would often send the kids out for a week or more, and invite other woman over for brief affairs.

The discovery left many people furious as well with some admitting they’ve experienced something similar.

“I had a similar-ish issue, in that one of my closest friends died from cancer, it was a long, drawn-out fight leaving two girls, 11 and nine. The youngest was my daughters best friend. After she passed, her husband started dating less than six weeks later,” one woman said.

The woman's best friend was furious


The woman’s best friend was furiousCredit: Getty

But others jumped to the man’s defence, arguing that his actions were a result of grief.

“Bradlee, you assume that these are the actions of someone who has quickly moved through grief. It seems to me that he hasn’t processed at all,”one man said. 

While a woman speculated: “His whole life was turned upside down and he  couldn’t cope, and instead of asking for help he turned to sex.”

One man explained that grief can “last a lifetime” and how quickly someone “moves on” is no indication of how much they are hurting.

He said: “I have many friends who have lost their partners and their grief lasts a lifetime. Some of them were dating after a month, some were dating after several years, some never did.”

He continued to say society “needs to start accepting it is fine to date after loss”. 

One man even labelled the grieving father as a “poor guy” who is clearly struggling with his emotions.

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