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WONDER Woman is coming to Fortnite this week, but players can unlock the skin and Back Bling for free a whole day early.

Epic Games is rolling out the Wonder Woman skin, glider, pickaxe, and back bling this Friday but if you can’t wait until then, you’re in luck.

Fortnite Wonder Woman


Fortnite Wonder WomanCredit: Epic Games

The Wonder Woman items hit the Item Shop at 5pm PT / 8pm ET on August 19, which is 1am BST / 2am CEST on August 20.

Here’s what’ll be available when they drop:

  • Wonder Woman (with her Armored variant)
  • Golden Eagle Wings Glider
  • DC Trinity Loading Screen
  • Diana’s Mantle Back Bling

Presumably you’ll be able to pick up the items individually as well as the full set, and as for cost, Epic hasn’t revealed the prices just yet.

Eager beavers can get early access for free – but you’ll have to work for it in the Wonder Woman Cup.

Fortnite players will have the chance to earn the Wonder Woman outfit, and Diana’s Mantle Back Bling on Wednesday, August 18.

Team up with a friend to complete 10 matches in three hours, and earn as many points as you can.

The top teams in each region will win themselves the two Wonder Woman items.

As an added bonus, any team that earns eight points or more will bag the Honorary Amazons Loading Screen.

Epic Games has broken down the points format for players in its blog post, which you can check out below.

  • Victory Royale: 42 Points
  • 2nd: 36 Points
  • 3rd: 32 Points
  • 4th: 30 Points
  • 5th: 29 Points
  • 6th: 28 Points
  • 7th: 27 Points
  • 8th: 26 Points
  • 9th: 25 Points
  • 10th: 24 Points
  • 11th: 23 Points
  • 12th: 22 Points
  • 13th: 21 Points
  • 14th: 20 Points
  • 15th: 19 Points
  • 16th: 18 Points
  • 17th: 17 Points
  • 18th: 16 Points
  • 19th: 15 Points
  • 20th: 14 Points
  • 21st: 13 Points
  • 22nd: 12 Points
  • 23rd: 11 Points
  • 24th: 10 Points
  • 25th-29th: 9 Points
  • 30th-34th: 6 Points
  • 35th-39th: 3 Points
  • 40th-44th: 2 Points
  • 45th-50th: 1 Point
  • Each Elimination: 1 Point

If you want to try your hand at winning the Fortnite Wonder Woman items, be sure that you and your fellow team member both have two-factor authentication enabled, and are at level 30 or higher.

You can read up on the Wonder Woman Cup official rules but here’s how the leaderboards will work by region:

  • Europe ranking
  • NA East ranking
  • NA West ranking
  • Brazil ranking
  • Asia ranking
  • Oceania ranking
  • Middle East ranking
Fortnite Wonder Woman Cup


Fortnite Wonder Woman CupCredit: Epic Games
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