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How to get £25 worth of Domino’s pizza for just £2.50 this weekend

PIZZA fans can get £25 worth of Domino’s for just £2.50 thanks to a clever deal stacking trick. is offering new members £10 off any order from the popular pizza chain.

Amazing pizza deals mean you can have a weekend treat for next to nothing


Amazing pizza deals mean you can have a weekend treat for next to nothing

If your order comes to less than a tenner, you will get the whole amount back in cashback.

For instance, if you chose the chocolate orange cookies – which are staying on the menu for a few extra weeks – you’ll get the full £4.99 back/

If you spend more than a tenner, you will get £10 in cashback, regardless of how much extra you spend.

For example, if you selected a Large Vegi Supreme pizza for £18.99 you would get £10 cashback.

So far, so good, but if you stack the cashback deal with a Domino’s deal you can get even more free pizza for your money.

Exactly how much you’ll save will depend on your local restaurant as they have different deals on offer.

When we looked at the Domino’s nearest the Sun, there was a deal where you could get 50% off orders over £25.

That means if you spent £25 on pizza and sides, it would cost you just £12.50.

If you then apply the Topcashback deal, you’ll get an extra £10 back, meaning the whole meal costs just £2.50.

Other Domino’s restaurants have different offers, so make sure you check our local before you decide what to buy.

For instance, one in North London is doing 50% off orders of £20. That means you could get £20 worth of pizza completely free.

The Domino’s voucher codes are applied automatically at checkout, giving you your first savings.

To get the £10 cashback, you’ll need to sign up to as a new member.

How do cashback websites work?

They promise to earn you money on your shopping – but how do cashback websites work?

  • Cashback sites agree offers with retailers which they pass on to customers
  • This can vary from a set amount of money off whatever you are buying, or a percentage of the cost of your purchase
  • The sums range from pennies for groceries to more than £100 for some mobile or broadband contracts
  • You have to make your purchases by clicking through from the cashback site
  • Because the sites drive traffic to retailers, they earn money from brands they support
  • Membership of most sites is free – although some offer premium subscriptions which you pay more for.

You need to make sure you register before you order the pizza and then click through to Domino’s from the TopCashback offer site.

The new joiner offer runs until February 28, but there’s only 5,000 redemptions available so you might want to be quick.

The deal can only be redeemed once per household on a first come, first served basis.

If someone else in the household applies for the offer when a successful purchase has already been made, it will be declined.

Cashback earned in the deal will not be payable until approximately 14 working days after the promotion end date subject so make sure you don’t spend more than you can afford.

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