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How to find your iPhone, Samsung or Android’s IMEI number

EVERY smartphone has a unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number which can be useful if your device is stolen or needs repairing.

If your phone is lost or stolen you can blacklist the IMEI number so that other people can’t use it.

IMEI numbers are useful when you want to blacklist a stolen phone


IMEI numbers are useful when you want to blacklist a stolen phoneCredit: Getty

A phone with a blacklisted IMEI won’t work even with a new SIM card.

Luckily it’s quite easy to find out what your number is.

You can note it down somewhere safe and hope you never need to use it

To find out how to check the IMEI number on iPhone and Android phones, just follow the steps below.

There's several different ways to find an IMEI number


There’s several different ways to find an IMEI numberCredit: Getty – Contributor

How to check IMEI number on iPhone

To find your IMEI number on your iPhone, open Settings and then click “General” and then “About”.

Scroll a little bit and you should be able to view your IMEI number.

If you don’t have your iPhone, you can find out the IMEI from your Apple account.

Login and then go to “Devices” and find your iPhone.

Your IMEI number will be avaliable here.

Newer iPhones have the IMEI number in the SIM tray but you’ll probably need a magnifying glass to see it.

Alternatively, you can plug your iPhone into your computer and view its summary on iTunes or on the Mac Finder section.

How to check IMEI number on Samsung and Android

Some Android phones differ in how you can check their IMEI number but it should be somewhere in the Settings menu.

You’ll need to click on “About Phone” or a similar heading such as “About Device” or “Status”.

Some Samsung Galaxy devices display the IMEI number in tiny writing on the back of the phone.

You should also be able to find the IMEI number on a phone’s box.

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Whats your preferred smartphone brand? Let us know in the comments…

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