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How to change Google Maps voice in seconds

WE’VE all used Google Maps to get somewhere – but maybe you’re bored of the usual voice.

It’s actually possible to change the navigation voice on Google Maps in seconds.

Google Maps is one of the best ways to find your way around


Google Maps is one of the best ways to find your way aroundCredit: Google

Go into the Google Maps app on your smartphone.

Head into Settings and then scroll down to Navigation Settings – this might be near the top on some phones.

From there, you’ll want to choose Voice Selection or Voice Search.

At this point, you’ll be presented with a whole host of voices – including several English-language options.

For instance, you can have Google Maps speak in British English, American English, Australian English, Nigerian English and more.

Another option is to change the language on your device, and then reinstall the Google Maps app.

On some devices, Google Maps will borrow the language of the device it’s being installed on.

So you could set your device to a different language, install Google Maps, and then change the device back.

Of course, if you pick something like French, you’ll probably struggle to understand what’s being said – unless you speak French.

So if you’re a native English speaker, it’s best to stick to languages you actually understand.

In fact, you might even find it frustrating to use other English-language options like American or Australian.

These dialects often have different terms for common road features.

So you might end up confused, which is the last thing you want when trying to navigate to somewhere new.

In any case, you can change back to the language of your choice at any time.

Google Maps has plenty of hidden features to unlock


Google Maps has plenty of hidden features to unlockCredit: Google

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