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How do I use the McDonald’s app?

MCDONALD’S has made it easy for fast-food fans to browse menu favourites, and order from your phone with its free app.

You can use the app to order and pay contact-free with options to pick-up via drive-thru, or park up and wait for it to be brought to you in a click and serve bay.

Find all your favourites on the app and order your meal before heading out to a branch


Find all your favourites on the app and order your meal before heading out to a branchCredit: McDonalds

The My McDonald’s app is free to download on Apple or Android devices.

KFC has a similar ordering process on its own app and so does close rival Burger King.

McDonald’s app allows you to browse the menu available at your closest restuarant including popular items like the BigMac or summer specials like the McCafé Iced range.

You can also order virtually, and collect rewards all in one handy place.

We explain how to use the app, because there are some handy features you’ll want to know about that mean you can save time in the ordering queues, and money off select products.

How do I use the app?

You can use the app to browse the current reduced menu available at McDonald’s.

It works anywhere you have internet, so you can look up what’s on offer while you’re out and about, or at home.

The first thing you’ll have to do is pick your closest or local McDonald’s, this will auto fill every time you open the app once it’s set up so if you’re visiting somewhere new make sure the right restaurant is selected.

One page on the app will let you look at menu items and add them to a basket, once you’re happy with everything in there, confirm your order and make your way to the restaurant.

Confirm that you’ve arrived on the app and you’ll be able to collect your food.

You can set up a payment method in the app which can be saved and used every time too.

Your card isn’t charged until you reach the restaurant and let the app know how you will be collecting your order.

The only drawback of the app is that you can’t use cash to pay for any of your items, you’ll have to head in and re order or order as normal if that’s your only payment method.

You can also favourite items with the star button next to each product, which makes it quick and easy to re-order your go-to meals.

Plus the app allows you to customise orders just like when you reel off all the things you do and don’t want in your burger, or meal to the staff member at the tills, or drive-thru normally.

What do I do once I’ve placed an order?

Once you’ve placed an order you can make your way to the chosen resturant.

When you get close to the restaurant, the app will recognise this, it’s important to have location services turned on your phone then.

If you’ve arrived and the app hasn’t recognised where you are, try clicking the “I’m here” button.

When you get there decide how you’d like to collect on the app.

You can pick takeaway, which means you’ll have to wait for your order number to appear on the screen inside, or drive-thru, which means you can say your name from the order in the designated lane.

At the drive-thru you won’t have to touch your phone while you’re pulling up, so don’t worry about an order number here.

Or you can choose click and serve, which means you need to park in one of the specific bays which will each have a number, type that number into the app, and a member of staff will come out to your car with the order.

You can also tell the app which table you’re sat at for table service.

The phone used to order the meal needs to be the one that you have with you to collect the order and you’ll need data or a wifi signal when you get to the restaurant to declare you’re ready for your order to be made.

Staff will then do the rest like normal, and you can enjoy your meal.

What deals are available on the app?

There’s a separate deals screen found on the app which houses all the discounts you are eligible for.

Free McCafé hot drink

If you’re new to the app you can get a totally FREE McCafé hot drink.

Usually the beverages can cost up to £1.69.

Today, August 23, is the last day to register for the deal though so you’ll need to be quick.

Once you’ve made your account though, you’ll have 21 days after registering to claim your free drink.

Just add the drink to your basket and checkout (it should cost you 0p), then head to your closest McDonald’s to pick up via Drive-thru, click and serve, takeaway.

The app also allows you to collect and store your McCafé reward stamps which entitle you to a free regular hot drink after five stamps.

McDonald’s Mondays

Every Monday, the app has a host of deals available to cash in on.

They’re exclusive to the platform too, so you won’t be able to find the prices anywhere else.

This week you can get a Big Mac for just 99p, usually the fast food favourite would cost £3.69 so hungry deal hunters can save £2.70.

You have to order it on the app and claim it from your closest McDonald’s by 11.59pm today.

You can also get things like a £1.99 breakfast roll, roughly 80p cheaper as it’s normally £2.79, before 11am.

Previously, you could pick up a McMuffin for 99p too.

But the specific food item on offer can be subject to change each week, so next week there could be a totally new item on offer for one day only.

Once you’ve placed your virtual order, pick-up via Drive-thru, the click and serve option, takeaway or in-restaurant too.

For more on rewards, we have everything you need to know about McDonald’s Monopoly before it starts this week too.

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