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Gray Atkins’ abuse exposed as his former boss Laura returns with terrifying warning

GRAY Atkins is set to be exposed by his former boss Laura Awoyinka when she shows up to Albert Square unannounced with a terrifying warning.

The murderer – who has secretly committed a number of atrocities in the BBC soap – has so far managed to convince girlfriend Chelsea he is trustworthy.

Laura will turn up to the Square to warn Whitney about Gray


Laura will turn up to the Square to warn Whitney about GrayCredit: BBC
Gray has been working at a burger joint after being fired from the law firm


Gray has been working at a burger joint after being fired from the law firmCredit: BBC

Things are set to be turned upside down for Gray in upcoming EastEnders scenes, as Laura warns Chelsea and Whitney to stay away from him.

It follows a tricky week for the now fast-food worker, as Chelsea, who is pregnant with his baby, calls off their wedding following an intense row.

She had been trying to help him get his old job back after he was put through a disciplinary investigation by Laura and subsequently fired.

It came after Gray had issued menacing threats towards his boss earlier this year, exposing his dangerous and misogynistic beliefs to her in his angry rant.

Now, Laura is set to turn up on the Square to warn the women in his life to get away while they still can to ensure they escape the chances of death.

Whitney confronts the lawyer to ask her about why she fired Gray, leaving him with no choice to work at a fast food restaurant to provide for his growing family.

Laura won’t hesitate to spill the means about Gray’s dark streak, telling her to stay well away from him – and Chelsea too.

But will Chelsea and Whitney believe Laura and decide to get themselves – and Chelsea’s unborn baby – from the killer for good?

Last week, fans were left convinced that Gray had finally met his match and would be brought down for good after a game-changing clue from Chelsea Fox.

Over the past few weeks, killer Gray had been pretending to fiancee Chelsea and many of his friends that he was still working for a big law firm in the city.

But pregnant Chelsea decided to confront the murderer after she was told by pal Whitney Dean that something seemed off.

Gray came clean and confessed that he had lost his job and revealed he had been flipping burgers instead – not wanting to tell her about his job loss.

Much to the surprise of viewers, Chelsea’s reaction was calm and collected as she reassured him she was happy he was trying to make money for their family.

She told him: “Flipping burgers is a lot better living than some of the jobs I’ve had to do over the years, believe me.”

It led fans to believe that she could be “playing a game” and therefore, in upcoming episodes, will be the one to finally “take him down”.

EastEnders clue from Chelsea Fox as Gray Atkins has finally met his match

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