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Facebook’s new smart glasses ‘will TELEPORT you’ and even replace your iPhone, Mark Zuckerberg reveals

FACEBOOK’s smart glasses could be used to “teleport” people to their office or to see their friends.

This is according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg who said the glasses could make you feel like you’re in the same room as someone even if you’re far apart.

The billionaire made the comments to The Information.

He told the publication: “Rather than calling someone or having a video chat, you just kind of snap your fingers and teleport, and you’re sitting there and they’re on their couch and it feels like you’re there together.”

Zuckerberg thinks this tech could help reduce some of the negative impacts of travel such as reducing CO2 emissions.

Facebook Reality Labs revealed more details about the plans for its smart glasses in a recent blogpost.

Facebook wants to bring out its first pair of smart glasses this year


Facebook wants to bring out its first pair of smart glasses this yearCredit: Facebook

It said: “Imagine a world where a lightweight, stylish pair of glasses could replace your need for a computer or smartphone.

“You’d have the ability to feel physically present with friends and family — no matter where in the world they happened to be — and contextually aware AI to help you navigate the world around you, as well as rich 3D virtual information within arm’s reach.”

While this does sound a lot like science fiction, FRL thinks this is very much our future and that smart glasses could change our relationship with computers.

This could mean humans would eventually move away from things like laptops and iPhones and start to rely more heavily on smart glasses.

They look similar to Ray-Bans


They look similar to Ray-BansCredit: Facebook

Facebook’s glasses are aiming to have “always-available” AR that will become almost like an extension of your body.

The plan is for wearers to barely know they’re wearing the glasses as they become so integrated into normal life.

The FRL blogpost also described how the glasses could work alongside a smart wristband and gloves that could track your movements and even allow you to type on an imaginary keyboard.

The blogpost contained this drawing of the glasses


The blogpost contained this drawing of the glassesCredit: Facebook

It said: “Say you decide to walk to your local cafe to get some work done. You’re wearing a pair of AR glasses and a soft wristband.

“As you head out the door, your Assistant asks if you’d like to listen to the latest episode of your favorite podcast. A small movement of your finger lets you click “play.”

“As you enter the cafe, your Assistant asks, “Do you want me to put in an order for a 12-ounce Americano?” Not in the mood for your usual, you again flick your finger to click “no.”

“You head to a table, but instead of pulling out a laptop, you pull out a pair of soft, lightweight haptic gloves. When you put them on, a virtual screen and keyboard show up in front of you and you begin to edit a document.”

Facebook still has a way to go before all these plans become a reality but is aiming to release its first consumer pair of ‘RayBan’ smart glasses this year.

Virtual Reality v.s. Augmented Reality – what’s the difference?

Here’s what you need to know

  • Virtual reality involves using a headset to simulate a virtual world
  • In a VR world, everything you see will be computer-generated
  • Popular VR headsets include the HTC Vive and Facebook’s Oculus Rift
  • Augmented reality lets you see the real world, but “augments” (or adds on) computer-generated elements
  • This means you’ll be able to see computer images overlaid onto your real-world view
  • For instance, you could wear glasses that overlay directions onto the road in front of you
  • Popular AR headsets include Microsoft’s HoloLens and the Google Glass spectacles
Mind-blowing Samsung smart glasses let you see ANYTHING you want – including a giant virtual TV

In other news, Apple is quietly working on a “mixed-reality headset” to launch next year, insiders have claimed.

WhatsApp is having another go at getting all users to accept controversial new privacy terms.

And, a new feature for the Apple Find My app could let you know if someone is stalking you.

What are your thoughts on smart glasses? Let us know in the comments…

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