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Facebook is creating its OWN TikTok inside the app – how to find it today

FACEBOOK is launching its own version of TikTok inside the app.

It’s borrowing the fairly new Instagram Reels – and building it into Facebook proper.

Reels have finally made their way to Facebook


Reels have finally made their way to FacebookCredit: Facebook

That means you’ll be able to watch short-form video content created specifically for Reels.

And it could help Facebook claw back some of its younger users from the clutches of TikTok.

Instagram Reels launched in 50 countries last August.

It allowed users of the photo sharing app to create short-form videos set to music.

They can then be shared on the platform with the idea that they may go viral.

This is similar to TikTok as it gives users easy ways to make creative videos.

The plan is for Reels to be shared on Instagram Stories as well as more permanently on feeds.

Reels can be found inside the Explore page – unless they’ve been posted by a private user.

Now they’re finally available on Facebook, but only in the US.

Importantly, the feature is in testing – so you might not even get it.

The best thing to do is update your app to make sure you’re using the latest version of Facebook.

You’ll be able to create and share Reels inside Facebook.

To find it, scroll through the News Feed until you reach the new Reels section.

From there, you can tap Create to make your own Reel – or view other Reels in the app.

It’s expected that Reels will eventually roll out to other countries if the test is successful.

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