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EastEnders spoilers LIVE – Sonia Fowler discovers dark secret about dad Rocky ​plus Coronation Street & Emmerdale latest

Welcome to The Sun’s soap spoilers live blog where you’ll find all the latest news and gossip on your favourite TV shows.

Whether it’s EastEnders, Corrie, Emmerdale or Hollyoaks you love, we’ll bring you up to the minute updates on what storylines you can expect to see over the coming few days.

For example, Sonia Fowler discovers a shocking secret about her dad Rocky next week in EastEnders. 

The long-lost father of Sonia – who is played by Brian Conley in the BBC One soap – didn’t exactly get off to the best start when he arrived in Walford last month.

Next week, after a series of rows with Rocky over his selfish behaviour, a furious Sonia storms over to the pub to confront her dad. 

As sparks fly between Shirley and Rocky, Sonia accidentally spots something on her dad’s phone that makes her suspicious.

What has she discovered?

Read our soap spoilers live blog below for the latest news and gossip...


    MEENA Jutla covers her tracks next week in Emmerdale after horrifying David Metcalfe actions. 

    Meena started dating David at the end of 2020 when his son Jacob left the village to go and live with his mum in Portugal.

    ut with Jacob set to return to the Dales in the next few weeks and ruin Meena’s plans to move in with David, the nurse is set to unravel.

    Will David notice something is amiss?


    VICTORIA Sugden devastated as she learns the truth about rapist Lee’s death next week in Emmerdale. 

    The chef – who is played by actor Max Parker in the ITV soap – recently made a shocking confession about the day of his brother Lee’s death while coming out to his mother Wendy.

    Next week, Luke wakes up hungover on Wendy’s sofa and despairs as the previous evening and his confession to Vic comes flooding back to him.

    Wendy orders Luke to tell Vic the whole story about his fight with Lee and, when he fails, she reveals the truth to Vic. 

    How will Vic react?



    NEXT week on the cobbles Nina battles with alcoholism, leaving residents on the street fearing for her safety, as she plots revenge against Corey.

    Having spent the night in the ginnel, Nina Lucas staggers home, lying to Roy Cropper about where she’s been.


    LONDON’S Burning star Ross Boatman is joining the cast of EastEnders.

    The actor and professional poker player, 57, will make his debut this summer as Harvey Monroe, the “traditional, fiercely protective” father of Dana, played by Barbara Smith.


    The ITV soap is due to welcome back Freda Burgess with open arms.

    She is due to return after Chesney Brown and Gemma Winter start to worry about their son Aled, who is suffering from hearing difficulties.

    Freda, who is deaf, comes back to the Cobbes to help them decide about their son’s future.

    What will the pair do?

  • CORONATION Street fans are disgusted that Fiz Stape tried to stop Tyrone Dobbs from seeing his children tonight.

    The second hand furniture flogger – who is played by actress Jennie McAlpine in the ITV soap – decided that she would ban her ex from seeing his kids after daughter Hope tried to get knocked over.

    One wrote on Twitter: “Fiz is bitter because she didn’t get a canvas print. #Corrie #CoronationStreet.”

    A second said: “Fiz is so wrong! Tyrone does care about the kids. She couldn’t be more wrong trying to stop him from seeing them. She overreacted in the beginning, saying they’re in danger with Alina #Corrie.”

    Another added: “OMG Fiz seriously needs to get a f***ing grip. Ty didn’t leave the kids, he left her – BIG difference #Corrie.”


    Tyrone is fuming that Fiz is trying to take his children away from her.

    Alina has decided the best thing to do is run him a long hot bath…


    Fiz has told Tyrone he can’t see his kids anymore.


    Nina is in tears over Seb’s death and can’t feel anything but guilt.


    Fiz has labelled Alina irresponsible and wants to take legal action to make sure she can’t be near her girls


    The second instalment of the ITV soap is about to begin…



    Fizz is arguing with Alina about Hope’s accident.

    She’s told her she’s not allowed anywhere near her kids…

    Will Tyrone fight for his children?


    Jenny Connor has told Sean Tully and Emma Brooker that she’s selling up the Rovers…

    But has kept the reason why a secret.


    Fans are confused as to why Fizz has believed Hope’s little white lie.

    One wrote on Twitter: “I thought Hope was a proven liar/arsonist. Why is her word gospel now? #corrie #coronationstreet.”

    A second said: “How fickle is Fiz to believe that nonsense from Hope’s mouth? #Corrie #CoronationStreet.”



    Dev and Bernie definitely seem to have a bit of chemistry on their date.

    Could they be the new couple in Weatherfield?


    The youngster is fine, but dad Tyrone is fuming.

    The accident will certainly go in Fizz’s favour…


    Hope ran off into the road in front of Roney’s car..

    Is she ok?!



    Tyrone has received a call from Hope’s school to come pick her up.

    Is the youngster ok?


    Fans of the show are cringing over Tyrone and Alina’s relationship.

    One wrote on Twitter: “That was so cringe! I’ve had enough of Tyrone and Alina now! #Corrie #CoronationStreet.”

    Another said: “I’m hoping Alina leaves soon. She is so bloody annoying #Corrie #CoronationStreet.”


    Jimmy King has ended his marriage with Nicola…

    Is it really the end?


    Nicola is shocked that Jimmy is supportive of Juliette’s decision to move to the village…

    Jimmy has also told her to take Carl back home with her – what will happen next between Nicola and Jimmy?


    Jimmy has explained that he’s fed up with arguing with Nicola.

    He wants someone “lovely” like Mandy… but the salon owner has told him to fight for his marriage.


    Mandy is about to spill the beans… what will she say?


    Nicola opened up to pal Bernice Blackstock about her relationship issues with Jimmy.

    Moments later things were made ten times worse when Juliette Holliday walked into the cafe and told her she’s moving to the village…



    Victoria Sugden has asked boyfriend Luke Posner if he’s excited about moving in with her.

    The chef has been keeping a huge secret from her for the past few months.

    Will he reveal the truth tonight?

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