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EastEnders’ Louisa Lytton reveals bare baby bump after admitting she ‘hates’ her pregnancy body

EASTENDERS star Louisa Lytton has revealed her bare baby bump after admitting she “hated” how her pregnancy body looked.

The actress – who plays Ruby Allen in the BBC One soap – is currently expecting her first baby with fiance Ben Bhanvra.

Louisa has shown off her blossoming baby bump on Instagram


Louisa has shown off her blossoming baby bump on InstagramCredit: Inmstagram/Louisanstrilytton
The star admitted she "hated" her body in an intimate post earlier this month


The star admitted she “hated” her body in an intimate post earlier this monthCredit: Inmstagram/Louisanstrilytton

Taking to Instagram on Thursday evening, Louisa, 32, revealed her bare bump for the first time as she told her following she was living “in joggers”.

Photographing herself lounging on the sofa, the actress could be seen going without a top and covering herself with a blanket as she showed her belly.

Over the top of her large bump, Louisa had placed a gif telling fans her “baby is loading” as she slowly approaches her autumnal due date.

“Mainly I’m home half naked or in the same pair of joggers,” she wrote, answering fans on what she had been wearing during her pregnancy.

The star had listed a number of dresses and jumpsuits in “a few sizes up” that she had opted for as they “suited baby bumps”.

“Been asked where a lot of my maternity dresses are from, most of them are not maternity just 2 or 3 sizes up or so,” Louisa explained.


It comes days after Louisa told her fiancé Bent hat she hates her pregnancy body in an emotional Instagram post.

She took to her social media to share with her fans: “I hate my body and I don’t like what is going on!””

he opened up further on the Made By Mammas podcast and explained: “You are pregnant so everyone around you feels like this is the best news possible.

“This is what you wanted so you should feel happy every day and not have any negative thoughts. And in my head I thought this doesn’t sit right.

“I am so happy that I am pregnant but I am so unhappy in many other ways. At first I had sickness but my body was changing and I wasn’t in control of the fact that I had no energy. Normally I am a really energetic person.”

To add to her stress Louisa said she has been fighting cravings, saying she wants the bad foods she wouldn’t normally eat.

“I was craving really terrible foods and I don’t really eat like that. You are almost afraid to speak to anyone around it,” Louisa added.

The mum-to-be also admitted she felt “terrible” talking to pals about the “negatives” of pregnancy.

She added: “My mum was like, ‘You are pregnant of course you are going to put on weight’.

“And to my friends who hadn’t been through it, I felt terrible to be negative around the fact that I was pregnant when some people are trying.”

The soap star has just finished work and doesn’t know if she’ll return to EastEnders immediately.

She shared: “I’m at home being a mum. I’m doing the thing I’ve wanted the most in life, so I don’t think I’ll be in a rush to go back to work.

“But then, at the same time, I don’t know because that is who I am,” she continued. “So will I have that moment of, ‘I need a bit more of myself back again?’

“I’m gonna stay home, give it a year, I think, of me not working. But if I decide to go back before or after, we’ll work it out from there.”

It comes as Louisa admitted she wore regular clothes "a few sizes too big"


It comes as Louisa admitted she wore regular clothes “a few sizes too big”Credit: Inmstagram/Louisanstrilytton
Pregnant Louisa Lytton tells fiancé she hates her body in emotional podcast interview

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