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EastEnders fans terrified for Chelsea and Denise’s lives as drug dealer issues chilling threat after botched drug bust

EASTENDERS fans fear for the lives of Chelsea and Denise Fox after drug dealer Caleb Malone issued a chilling threat.

Chelsea, played by Zaarah Abrahams, has brought plenty of trouble to the family, and now she and her mother are putting together a dangerous plan to escape unscathed.

Chelsea Fox is in deep with a drug dealer


Chelsea Fox is in deep with a drug dealerCredit: BBC

We saw Denise once again sitting hunched on the floor of a dark and dingy room after she vanished in last Friday’s episode.

It didn’t take long to find out who had kidnapped her as Chelsea’s drug dealer took revenge on her for not taking his drugs to Ibiza.

Chelsea met the kingpin in E20 and hissed: “I will give you one last chance to pay off your debt.”

He then declared: “Do you want your mum back in one piece? Then get my drugs to Ibiza and your mum comes home safe.”

Chelsea demanded: “Let her go”, which did not help matters as her dealer warned: “You let me down again, and I will come after your whole family.”

Denise Fox was kidnapped by the criminal


Denise Fox was kidnapped by the criminalCredit: BBC

Later, with the major threat on her mind, a relieved Chelsea saw her bewildered mum walk through the market and ran over to her, relieved she was safe.

Chelsea then filled her mum in on when she met her drug dealer and how she got roped into his organisation, which left Denise stunned.

Later, after the pair returned home, Chelsea told her mum she would risk taking the drugs to Ibiza.

Caleb Malone threatened to harm the whole family if they don't move drugs for him


Caleb Malone threatened to harm the whole family if they don’t move drugs for himCredit: BBC

Of course Denise shut this down before coming up with an idea which would put them all in grave danger should it go wrong.

A valiant Denise said: “I’ll find Lucas, and we set him up.”

Fans are afraid this plan will do more harm than good and put the women and their family in harm’s way.

One fan tweeted: “Chelsea and Denise are playing a dangerous game.”

Another penned: “Denise planning to set the man up who knows the details of the set up. Kidnapping number 3 coming a lot sooner for you Denise.”

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