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Dita Von Teese revealed as Beetroot after Knickerbocker Glory survives


Now Dita Von Teese has been unmasked as Beetroot, it appears the clues were there all the time.

The Burlesque dancer has been in the UK on tour this month, meaning she was able to squeeze in her Masked Dancer appearance.

But Dita has found it difficult keeping things hush hush.

She said: “It wasn’t easy. I’d get quizzed a lot, especially since I was in London for a month at a time when it was really difficult to travel and some people don’t let up on trying to figure it out.

“Most of the people around me guessed I was on a top secret Drag Race episode or occasionally they’d guess Masked Singer so of course I would say, ‘I would NEVER!’, which IS totally true. Singing live is my worst nightmare.”

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