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What Mercury in Retrograde means for YOU, from break-ups to strong temptation & it’s bad news for work promotions too

JUST as lockdown is easing and things are looking up, the much-talked about, and often dreaded, Mercury Retrograde is back.

The cosmic event is starting this Saturday on May 29 and lasting until June 22, and tarot reader Kerry King has revealed how it can affect your life and relationships…

When Mercury goes retrograde, it means that it appears to go backwards if you look at it from Earth. 

It’s just an optical illusion because Mercury’s shorter orbit makes it look like it hustles past Earth, slows down and then moves in a backwards loop.

 Even so, this thrice-annual event wreaks havoc here!

Typically, during a Mercury Retrograde, travel, communication, technology and commercial deals are all affected negatively by things like delays, glitches, crossed wires and unforeseen problems. It’s a time to lay low, simplify your life, be super vigilant and build in extra time to do everything.

Which signs are most affected?

Geminis will have their world rocked most, as it’s their season and Mercury is their ruler. 

The key thing is to stay focused on what you want to maintain, or even create, during this time, and fix your energy. 

Remain flexible to change, but true to your priorities.

Virgo, Pisces, and Sagittarius are the other three mutable signs (meaning they’re born, like Gemini, at the end of a season and are naturally susceptible and adaptable people). 

This retrograde may see you finding yourself feeling disoriented, confused or cynical about changes forced upon you, but ride the wave because this uncomfortable sensation is a signal for true change. 

You will come out of this with new insight and a stronger plan for the future. 

Aquarius and Libra are Gemini’s fellow Air signs and are likely to benefit from the mental ~chaos~ stimulated by a retrograde, in that it will stir up as many opportunities as obstacles, and lots of new ideas and creative sparks.

 Sift through the debris to find the gems!

How will retrograde occuring in Gemini affect relationships?

Gemini demands space and freedom, above everything, especially from emotional ties. 

So, our relationships are likely to be impacted at this time, and you may experience a growing and nagging desire for your own space, freedom to explore, become a social butterfly, or even just withdrawal from the emotional demands of being in a couple.

Lockdown restrictions easing give us freedom, intensified by the cosmic forces swirling around us. Everyone wants to be ~out out~!

Hate to tell you, but Gemini is also a big flirt and the zodiac’s classic ~wanderer~ when it comes to romantic liaisons, so you may experience, or be embroiled in, your own flirtation or temptation.

As Mercury appears to spin backwards, you may feel the progress or ground you’ve made up in your relationship starts to fall away, and that things are going awry. 

Remember though, that this astro event IS, at heart, an optical illusion. 

Don’t get swept up in the angst or emotions. Let reality be reality, and remind yourself that this too shall pass, and Mercury will right itself and this influence will fade. When it does, you want your relationship to still be standing, right?

How will Mercury Retrograde affect work?

In terms of your work world, this is a time to be cautious, play it safe, leave no room for error or mixed signals.

Be clear, be focused, be super vigilant, double check all data, save all emails, do things twice vs leaving anything to chance.

Don’t take on any big, new or complex projects, if you can avoid it. Now is the time to focus on what you’ve already got going on, and ensure all of your communications are crystal clear.

It’s not the perfect time to ask for a raise, or a promotion, or to tackle a sore spot with another colleague.

Mark ‘June 23’ on your calendar as your Day Of Action, normal service will be resumed.

So how can you harness this energy for a positive outcome?

Communication is vital, and you may have to work doubly hard to get your point across and make sure you understand theirs. 

Don’t leave things unsaid, don’t drift into mixed signals or unspoken frustrations. 

Air your feelings, write them down ideally so there can be no crossed wires. Invest in compassionate, kind and calm open dialogue with your other half.

This is not an ideal time to take anything to the ~next level~ or try to rekindle ex / past connections. 

Keep things on an even keel. June 23 will sail around soon enough. 

Avoid things with your partner like major travel or moves (if you can), or difficult conversations that aren’t urgent and can wait until a better time, or upgrading your home technology or communications.

Talk face to face about things which matter, don’t rely on technologically led platforms.

Use this time to de-clutter! Lessening the load, vs adding to it, is the perfect retrograde activity.

If you can chill, do. Chill together. 

Whilst the retrograde is taking place, turn your home into a personal sanctuary. Candles, crystals, flowers, low lighting, cosy corners… take refuge and chill. 

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