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Dad leaves internet in hysterics by sending mate pic of son playing at home

ONE dad found himself going viral on social media after leaving the internet in hysterics when he sent a picture of his son playing at home to his mate.

While he thought it was perfectly normal to be “chilling” at home with his boy, his friend was quick to question why the child was not at school and the dad quickly realised it wasn’t Saturday like he thought.

One dad found himself going viral after accidentally giving his son the day off school


One dad found himself going viral after accidentally giving his son the day off schoolCredit: @david8hughes/Twitter

Taking to Twitter, he shared a hilarious screenshot of the text exchange with his pal and joked: “It would appear I have f***ed up.”

When his friend text him to ask “what he was doing”, the dad replied with a picture of his son happily playing with his toy car at home in front of the TV.

“Just chilling with the boy,” he replied, with his friend then texting back: “Why isn’t he at school.”

Confused the dad replied that it was “Saturday” – only to be told by his friend: “It absolutely is not. It’s Friday.”

People were left in hysterics by the dad’s honest mistake, with his tweet going viral as over 48,000 re-tweeted the funny post and nearly 700k liked it.

“Love this. Cheered us right up on this cold Tuesday morning,” one person replied.

Another assured the dad he hadn’t messed up, as they wrote: “Nah, you made a great memory,” while another claimed: “Ah, arguably quality time spent with you over-rides school for one day.”

A third posted: “Has happened to me in the past, although to be fair when you picked up the phone to take the picture surely you would have noticed the day on the lock screen?”

The tweet prompted fellow dads to share their own mistakes, with one commenting: “Nah, this is absolutely in my skill set. Almost sent him to school on Wednesday without PE kit as it was Tuesday in my head.”

Others were convinced that the son knew all along that it wasn’t Saturday like his dad thought.

“It’s the boy playing like he don’t know it’s actually Friday for me,” said one person. “Like bro be so cool.”

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