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Costa Coffee’s new summer menu includes golden caramel iced latte and peach iced tea

COSTA’s summer drinks menu will be served up tomorrow and features a new limited edition golden caramel range.

Coffee lovers can get their caffeine fix with a new shot of golden caramel syrup in Costa cafes from June 3.

Costa is serving up a new golden caramel range


Costa is serving up a new golden caramel rangeCredit: Costa

The golden caramel range features hot and iced coffee drinks.

You can get your hands on a golden caramel latte or cappuccino with prices starting at £3.05 depending on the size.

Both are made using fresh coffee and frothy milk with the addition of the new syrup.

They even have golden sprinkles.

There are also iced latte and cappuccino options from £3.05 or you can get it as a frostino with whipped cream, which costs £3.55.

Costa’s summer drinks menu

Here are the new items and drinks returning to Costa’s summer menu:

  • Golden Caramel Latte – from £3.05
  • Golden Caramel Cappuccino – from £3.05
  • Golden Caramel Iced Cappuccino – from £3.05
  • Golden Caramel Iced Latte – from £3.05
  • Golden Caramel Frostino with a light dairy swirl –  £3.55 
  • Costa Express: Golden Caramel Latte  – from £2.40
  • Costa Express: Golden Caramel Hot Chocolate – from £2.40

Returning products:

  • Lemonade – from £2.70
  • Strawberry Lemonade – from £2.70
  • Peach Iced Tea – from £2.70
  • Strawberry Iced Infusion – from £2.70

If coffee isn’t your tipple, Costa’s summer menu is also bringing back its popular lemonade and strawberry lemonade as well as a peach iced tea and strawberry iced infusion.

Prices start at £2.70.

All hot or iced coffee barista-made drinks can be made with either coconut, almond, oat and soya milk.

You can find your nearest Costa using its store locator.

Its 10,000 Costa Express machines located nationwide will also let drinkers order a golden caramel latte or hot chocolate, which cost from £2.40.

Costa unveiled its summer food menu earlier this month featuring a KitKat muffin and lemon swirl cheesecake.

Check when Costa is open so you don’t miss your caffeine fix.

Some customers had already vowed not to return to the coffee giant though when they found out Costa had quietly hiked prices and was pocketing VAT relief.

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