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Coronation Street’s Abi Franklin will try to MURDER thug Corey Brent over son Seb’s death reveals Sally Carman

CORONATION Street’s Abi Franklin will want revenge on Corey Brent over son Seb’s death – and even try to kill him.

The mechanic – who is played by actress Sally Carman in the ITV soap – broke down tonight as Seb died after the horror attack at the hands of Corey’s gang of thugs.

Abi will want revenge on Seb's killers


Abi will want revenge on Seb’s killersCredit: ITV

And actress Sally has revealed that she will want vengeance.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: “The impulsive, emotional creature that she is – there isn’t a lot of emotional maturity going on there. 

“It is not good. There are a few days where she tries to take matters into her own hands but luckily she is talked down. 

“She is really trying to hook onto something the only way she knows how. 

Seb died in heartbreaking scenes tonight


Seb died in heartbreaking scenes tonightCredit: ITV
Corey and his gang attacked Seb and Nina


Corey and his gang attacked Seb and NinaCredit: ITV

“Her heart has been ripped open and there is a lot of guilt there as she wasn’t there when Seb was growing up. 

“There is so much she has to deal with and she hasn’t got a clue. She is reeling and Corey very nearly becomes a culprit of this a couple of times.”

However while Abi does want revenge – she won’t be relapsing out of respect for her murdered son.

“Just from what I have filmed already, it seems unlikely that it’s going to happen,” Sally added.

Coronation Street tragedy as Seb Franklin dies after horror attack

“Kev and Sal are particularly worried that she might go back onto drugs and there are times where she says that it is something she thinks about constantly but it’s not what Seb would have wanted, so she’s not going to do that. 

“I absolutely believe she won’t. I think her focus will go from Seb to Nina. 

“I’d love it if she transferred that love onto Nina as she’s a bit of a lost soul.”

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