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Conor McGregor’s training partner Dillon Danis calls out ‘glass jaw’ Amir Khan and Adrien Broner to boxing match

DILLON DANIS has challenged Adrien Broner and Amir Khan to boxing matches, insisting he’d KO both men with ease.

The Bellator welterweight has flirted with the idea of entering the boxing world to take part in a grudge match with YouTuber Jake Paul, who recently attacked him with water balloons.

Dillon Danis (left) has teased a move into the boxing world


Dillon Danis (left) has teased a move into the boxing worldCredit: [email protected]
Dillon Danis called out Adrien Broner on Instagram


Dillon Danis called out Adrien Broner on InstagramCredit: Instagram @dillondanis
The Bellator welterweight also took aim at Amir khan


The Bellator welterweight also took aim at Amir khanCredit: Instagram @dillondanis

Despite having no professional boxing experience to his name, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace is confident with his striking, so much so he believes he can beat former WBO super-featherweight and WBA light-welterweight champions Broner and Khan.

On Wednesday night, Danis, 27, posted a side-by-side picture of himself and Broner to his Instagram story with the accompanying caption: “I want a boxing match next.

“I feel this guy would be an easy KO. Who do you guys want to see me box?”

Danis – a long-time training partner of former UFC champion Conor McGregor – followed up that story with a side-by-side snap of himself and Khan, the latter of whom was being punched in the face.

The accompanying caption read: “Or give me glass jaw Amir Khan?

Danis then turned his attention to mocking the calibre of opponent Paul has faced since entering the boxing world.

Alongside pictures of YouTubers AnEsonGib and Deji, Danis wrote: “Jake’s last two opponents.

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Dillon Danis then took aim at AnEsonGib and Deji


Dillon Danis then took aim at AnEsonGib and DejiCredit: [email protected]

“I’d KO these slobs every day of the week and twice on Sundays. No wonder he ran from me.”

Danis is adamant the younger Paul brother Paul – who is gearing up to face former UFC welterweight Ben Askren – is scared to fight him.

Last month, he tweeted: “Don’t let @jakepaul fool you he’s all talk now he’s backing out of fighting me like the p***y he is.”

Paul, however, insists he’d happily throw down with the Marcelo Garcia black belt.


When asked about a potential fight with UFC champ Amanda Nunes, Paul told TMZ: “Nah, I wouldn’t fight her.

“Waste of time. No one knows who she is. There’s not a lot of hype there. Plus, there’s no history.

“I wanna knock out Dilon because we’ve been talkin’ s**t back and forth for 2 years, I’ve hooked up with his girlfriend, he’s all butt-hurt about it, there’s history there.”

Paul’s showdown with Askren is set to take place on April 17, although a venue for the fight has not yet been announced.

Danis, meanwhile, currently doesn’t have a fight booked.

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