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Call of Duty developers SUED for allegedly copying female character Mara

CALL of Duty’s publisher is being sued over one of the female characters in the extremely popular game.

Activision Blizzard is the video game company behind the brand and is now facing claims that it copied the design for female operator Mara.

Mara is a female operator character in the Call of Duty games


Mara is a female operator character in the Call of Duty gamesCredit: Activision

Writer and photographer Clayton Haugen is filing a copyright infringement lawsuit against Activision Blizzard.

Haugen claims his design of a female character called Cade Janus was copied by the video game company when they designed Mara.

The lawsuit states that Janus was created to be a “distinct and multi-dimensional female protagonist” for one of Haugen’s stories called November Renaissance.

The angry photographer says he even created photos of the Cade Janus character so he could pitch November Renaissance to film studios.

Those images can still be seen on his Instagram.

The model in the photos is called Alex Zedra and Haugen says he based his character on her.

It turns out Activision Blizzard also hired Alex Zedra to play Mara for the Call of Duty video games.

Haugen even claims that the games developer put his pictures on the wall during a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare shoot.

Haugen’s photos and pictures of the Mara character have been filed in the lawsuit to show a side by side comparison.

The lawsuit also states: “In addition to hiring the same talent, they also hired the same makeup professional who had prepared the talent for Haugen’s Cade Janus Photographs.

“They instructed the makeup professional to prepare the talent exactly as she had done for Haugen’s Cade Janus Photographs.

“They instructed her to style the talent’s hair exactly as she had done for Haugen’s Cade Janus Photographs, even using the same hair piece extension.”

We have reached out to Activision Blizzard for comment.

Call of Duty cheating – what will get you banned?

Here’s what you need to know…

  • There are plenty of ways to cheat on Call of Duty
  • Perhaps the most common hack is an aimbot – a piece of software that aims and targets enemies automatically for you
  • Activision also explicitly forbids the use of wallhacks, which modifies the properties of walls
  • For instance, wallhacking software could allow you to see enemies through walls
  • Typically using glitches to escape outside the normal bounds of the map is also considered to be cheating
  • Generally it’s a case of using common sense: don’t do anything that gives you an advantage that wouldn’t have been intended by developers
  • Also, cheating on a sophisticated game like Call of Duty can be difficult – so if you’re cheating, it’s unlikely to have been an accident
First multiplayer trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War released by Activision

In other gaming news, a staggering 4.5million Playstation 5 consoles were sold in the last two months of 2020.

Twitch streamer Indiefoxx has been banned from the platform again over strict nudity rules.

And, a top Call of Duty player has quit the game because it’s “saturated with cheating”.

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