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Bridezilla slammed for offering guests better food depending on cash gift & you have to be over £2k for ‘premium’ option

AS we’re sure all brides and grooms will agree, weddings can be seriously expensive – so it’s pretty standard practice for couples to ask for money as a gift these days.

That said, one bridezilla has been blasted online for offering her guests better food depending on their cash gift – and there’s even a premium option for loved ones who splash out over £2k.

The RSVP card was labelled 'tacky' by Reddit users


The RSVP card was labelled ‘tacky’ by Reddit usersCredit: Reddit

After sparking outrage on Facebook, a photo of the tiered menu was shared on Reddit’s wedding shaming forum where users blasted the “tacky” American couple.

Guests who give a “loving gift” up to £190 can choose between roast chicken or swordfish for their main meal.

After this, the menu has a “silver” category which offers guests who splash out £385 a choice of sliced steak or poached salmon.

Meanwhile, the “golden” tier is only available to loved ones who spend between £386 and £770 on the happy couple – and can be treated to a filet mignon or lobster tail.

You only get a vegetarian option if you do the biggest gift option? These people have lost their damn minds…

And finally, we have the “platinum” option for guests who fork out (pardon the pun) over £2,000 – and to say thank you, the happy couple will provide a “souvenir champagne goblet” to remember the day.

But it’s bad news for vegetarian friends – as meat-free meals are only provided to those in the top tier.

Needless to say, the couple’s RSVP didn’t go down well with their guests – and they ended up backtracking by saying it was all a “joke”.

Horrified by the unusual approach, Reddit users were quick to blast the tiered system.

 One wrote: “These people have lost their damn minds.”

Another added: “Everybody should just say their gift was over $1k, eat the 2lb of lobster, and laugh thinking about the couple opening their $40 toaster later.”

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