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Brexit latest news LIVE – Urgent calls for ‘calm’ in Northern Ireland as tensions soar over border checks staff threats


Micheal Martin said there were elements of the protocol that could be fine-tuned but that a common sense, pragmatic approach was needed.

“There are areas where we can fine-tune that protocol, I believe, let’s remember it’s only about four weeks in operation,” the Taoiseach said.

“It has taken about four years to put it in place in terms of all the negotiations.

“We do need to take a common-sense pragmatic approach to it, to iron out some of these and issues in terms of its implementation.

“However, when potential danger arises, or threats and tensions rise, I think we all need to dial down the rhetoric, and we appreciate the language that was used today in terms of all of us taking a calm and collected approach to this.”

NINTCHDBPICT000634141573Credit: AP:Associated Press

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