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Bombshell Pentagon UFO report ‘finds no evidence’ Navy sightings are aliens but CAN’T explain what mystery aircraft are

THERE’S no evidence that aerial phenomena witnessed by Navy pilots were alien spacecraft, according to US intelligence officials.

However, after being briefed on a highly anticipated government report, officials offered up no concrete explanation of what the unidentified flying objects were.

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A government report said that there was 'no evidence' Navy pilots were seeing alien spacecrafts


A government report said that there was ‘no evidence’ Navy pilots were seeing alien spacecrafts

The report does indicate that none of the sightings over the past two decades were American military or other US government technology.

Those findings eliminate the possibility that the Navy pilots may have seen some form of secret government aircraft.

The fact that the aircraft were not American government tech is about the only conclusive fact in the new report, according to the New York Times.

An unclassified version of the findings is set to be released to Congress by June 25.

However, senior officials briefed on the findings said that the because the report is inconclusive, the government could not definitively rule out the alien spacecraft theories.

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