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B&M’s cooling mats for dogs and cats are back and they only cost £5 each

B&M has brought back its £5 cooling mats for pooches and pets just in time for summer.

Hot dogs and cats in need of a cool-down will now be able to bear the summer sun on the fun cooling pads, designed to look like giant fruit slices.

The £5 cooling mats from B&M look just like slices of fruit


The £5 cooling mats from B&M look just like slices of fruit

You can buy four different styles including lemon, orange, watermelon or kiwi.

They are around 60cm wide which is perfect for smaller or medium-sized pets.

The mats automatically cool when your pet sits on it, which will help keep them cool and comfortable in hot weather.

They are also designed to help with allergies, heat stroke, skin conditions and post-surgery – so if you make a purchase, the mats can last beyond the summer too.

Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe in the Heat

Heat exhaustion can occur in dogs when their body temperature is above 39.4C. Here are some tips on how to notice when your pet is hot and uncomfortable.

  • Excessive panting or drooling is a key way to identify  your dog is too hot. To combat this, try to avoid walks between 11am and 4pm.
  • If your dog seems less responsive to commands or does not respond to his or her name more than usual, move the pup to a cooler area.
  • Dogs develop a fever in the same way humans do when they have heat stroke, use a rectal thermometer to check the canines temperature isn’t in the danger zone.
  • Some dogs experience a lack of coordination in the heat and fall over, avoid strenous exercise around midday when it is likely to be the hottest and make sure they have access to plenty of water.
  • Dogs eyes often glaze over when they are too hot, a key way to avoid this is by trimming its coat to help it cope with warmer temperatures.

If your dog is experiencing one or several of these symptoms, you should seek medical advice from a vet.

The new listings are the same price as they were when they returned to stores in June last year, but when they first hit shelves the mats were 1p less, as B&M previously priced them at £4.99.

You can buy a similar product that works by self-cooling in the same way from, but the plainer style is 99p more expensive at £5.99.

The mat is the same size as B&M’s but it doesn’t feature the same playful design, so if you’re after something more neutral then you might want to splash out for £1 extra.

Pets at Home is also selling a cooling mat that starts from £5.25, but the cheap price that’s only 25p more than B&M’s is for an extra-small mat which is only 50cm in length – it’s also a plain blue colour.

You can pick up a cooling mat for £10 that looks just like a Fab ice lolly


You can pick up a cooling mat for £10 that looks just like a Fab ice lolly

But for an extra £5 you can also buy a slightly larger mat at B&M that’s designed to look like a Fab ice lolly.

There’s also a rocket lolly design too and they’re both around 90cm long and £10 each, the mats work in exactly the same way as the fruity designs but they will be able to cool down a bigger pet.

Plus B&M does have plain designs too if you don’t want such a bright mat, and these come in small medium and large sizes ranging from £5 to £16, they’re all blue as well.

There are other things on offer from the store to keep your pets cool too, like an ice towel for only £3, plus a cooling bowl for only £2.

But you can’t buy any of the cooling products online at B&M, so you’ll have to head in-store to pick one up for a furry friend – you can use the store’s locator tool to find your closest.

As the weather gets warmer though the items are likely to fly off the shelves so stock will be subject to availability in-store – try calling ahead at your local one to avoid disappointment.

For any humans wanting to bask in the summer sun on the other hand, we have a list of the cheapest inflatable paddling pools on offer from £4.

We also have the low-down on the best sprinklers you can buy for kids this year including toy sprinkler hoses and trampoline sprinklers.

Although most of us love the heat, it’s important to know how we can keep our pets safe and we have a guide on how to keep them cool this summer that you’ll want to check out.

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