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Beautician shows exactly why you need to clean your eyelash extensions every day – and it’s stomach-churning

HORRIFYING footage shared by a lash technician has shown how disgusting eyelash extensions can get when they’re not properly cleaned.

Even a professional lash technician can’t get these lashes clean, and she says her client’s natural lashes will be damaged by the build up. 

'Gunk' remained in the lashes despite cleaning


‘Gunk’ remained in the lashes despite cleaningCredit: Tik Tok

Lash tech and Tiktok user Ipek shared the video after her followers requested lash cleaning videos.

Ipek showed her client’s lashes, which were covered in yellow build up, but she said the lashes were too dirty to properly clean. 

She said: “Here is a video of me cleaning these dirty lashes, well, trying to clean them anyway.

“Once your lashes get to this point of unclean, there is no cleaning. Cleaning will not work!”

The lashes were crusty with build up


The lashes were crusty with build upCredit: Tik Tok

She showed herself vigorously cleaning the lashes, but the build up wouldn’t disappear.

She explained: “I am scrubbing the life out of these lashes and look at all the gunk that is still there. Scrub scrub scrub – it doesn’t work.”

Unfortunately, when lashes are this dirty, Ipke says they “need to be removed” and that natural lashes will be “so damaged”.

“It’s not worth the damage, just clean your lashes”, she added.

Speaking to The Sun, Dr Sarah Jarvis GP and Clinical Director of gave her insight into inflamed eyelids.

The lashes need to be removed


The lashes need to be removedCredit: Tik Tok

Dr Sarah said: “Blepharitis, or inflammation of the eyelids, is a common and very uncomfortable condition. It can lead to puffy, red eyelids, discharge and flaking skin and sore, gritty eyes.

“While it’s rarely dangerous, it is not easy to get rid of and can take several months to settle down.”

Dr Sarah explained that the condition “can make you prone to developing styes or losing your eyelashes”, and that in rare cases it can lead to a medical emergency, with “inflammation of the eyeball itself, severe pain, redness and changes to your vision”.

“Regular eyelid hygiene, with a combination of warmth, gentle massage and cleaning is the standard treatment for blepharitis. You can find out more about how to do this at”, Dr Sarah advised.

Ipek has a tutorial on how to clean your lash extensions


Ipek has a tutorial on how to clean your lash extensions

Because many of Ipek’s viewers watch her cleaning dirty lashes, they asked her how to make sure their lash extensions stayed clean, so she now has an in-depth tutorial on her page.

 The video has racked up over half a million likes, and commenters couldn’t believe how dirty Ipek’s client’s lashes were. 

“I don’t understand how people don’t clean themselves, and something so important right above your eyes… I don’t get it”, wrote one commenter.

Another asked: “How do they get to that point???”

While a third wrote: “I do not understand how this even happens.”

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