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ASOS is selling bum zip jeans that are perfect for ’emergencies’ & people are baffled

WE’VE all had a fashion faux pas at least once in our lives, but ASOS have taken it to the next level.

The online clothes site has gone viral after being mocked for selling a particularly unusual pair of jeans.

The zip has been described as perfect for emergency situations


The zip has been described as perfect for emergency situationsCredit: Instagram/asbos_sos

The company was trying to hype up the LUXE Hourglass light-wash denim jeans for £25.

Whilst the item looked like a pretty normal pair of jeans from the front, there was an unusual addition to the back.

Its special addition was none other than a zip that goes all the way down the crotch, which starts at the waist and wraps around to the rear.

An ASOS parody Instagram account @asbos_asos leaped at the chance to poke fun at the jeans.

The jeans don't look that strange from the front


The jeans don’t look that strange from the frontCredit: Asos
One person joked it would be a great pair of jeans to wear after "eating dairy"


One person joked it would be a great pair of jeans to wear after “eating dairy”Credit: Asos

It wrote: “Hats off to ASOS for finally acknowledging their IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) audience”.

The post sent people into a tailspin – with some even pointing out that the design is genius.

One person wrote: “I don’t know what’s funnier the jeans or the caption.”

Another said: “Actually genius tbf.”

Some people even agreed that these were a must-have in an emergency situation.

One user commented: “Now you can eat without fear of ruining your pants.”

The post has racked up nearly 2,500 likes.

Someone even joked about needing the jeans for easy toilet access after “eating dairy”.

Whilst most people found the item hilarious, some loved the jeans – as they have a four star rating on the ASOS website.

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