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Asda Valentine’s Day meal deal

ASDA has brought back its £15 Valentine’s Day meal deal for a romantic night in.

The dine in for two offer is for one starter, one main, two sides, one dessert, plus a bottle of drink or chocolates.

It's almost Valentine's Day and Asda has got everything you need for a cost night in


It’s almost Valentine’s Day and Asda has got everything you need for a cost night in

Fancy options for starters include runny Scotch eggs and tempura prawns, followed by lamb shanks, pork loins or steak for your main.

To finish off your meal, dessert choices from Asda include red velvet and dark chocolate pudding, melting chocolate dome or raspberry and vanilla maceroons.

You then get to choose between picking up a bottle of booze, or a box of Thorntons chocolates, for an after-dinner treat.

The alcohol selection for Valentine’s Day includes Prosecco, Cava Rose or red and white wine.

What’s included in Asda’s Valentine’s Day meal deal 2021?

GET ready for a cosy night in thanks to the following options from Asda.

The dine in for two offer consists of one starter, one main, two sides, one dessert plus a bottle of booze or chocolates for £15.


  • Extra Special Runny Scotch Egg – usually £2.50
  • Extra Special Gran Antipasto Platter – usually £2.50
  • Extra Special Tempura Prawns – usually £2.50
  • Extra Special Breaded Camembert – usually £2.50
  • Extra Special Portobello Mushroom & Spinach Tarts – usually £2.50
  • Extra Special Duckless Spring Rolls with Hoisin Dip – usually £2.50


  • Extra Special Lamb Shanks – usually £7
  • Extra Special Steaks with Pink Peppercorn Butter – usually £7
  • Extra Special Ravioli Rose – usually £7
  • Extra Special Italian Pork Loins Cider Sauce – usually £7
  • Extra Special Patagonian Scallop & Prawn Encroute – usually £7
  • Extra Special Melt my Heart Burgers (V) – usually £7
  • Extra Special Beef En Croute – usually £7
  • Extra Special Pie British Steak & Red Wine – usually £7
  • Extra Special Pancetta wrapped Chicken Breast with a Mature Cheddar Melt – usually £7


  • Extra Special Dauphinoise – usually £2.50
  • Extra Special Cauli Cheese – usually £2.50
  • Extra Special Pea Crush (V) – usually £2.50
  • Extra Special Green Veg Medley with Heart Butter – usually £2.50
  • Extra Special Garlic Bread – usually £2.50
  • Extra Special Triple Cooked Chips (V) – usually £2.50
  • Extra Special Cheddar Mash – usually £2.50
  • Extra Special Mini Jacket Pots with Rarebit Butter – usually £2.50
  • Extra Special Chatenay Carrots with Honey Butter Heart – usually £2.50
  • Extra Special Red Cabbage (V) – usually £2.50


  • Extra Special Hot Red Velvet & Sparkling Dark Choc Pudding – usually £2.50
  • Extra Special Sticky Toffee Layered Pot – usually £2.50
  • Extra Special Melting Reveal Choc Dome – usually £2.50
  • Extra Special Raspberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake – usually £2.50
  • Extra Special Italian Panna Cotta – usually £2.50
  • Extra Special Raspberry & Vanilla Macaroons – usually £2.50
  • Extra Special Vegan Ganache Hearts with Raspberry Centre – usually £2.50


  • Mcguigan zero sparkling – usually £6
  • Filipo Sansovino Prosecco – usually £7
  • Extra Special Mas Miralda Cava Rose – usually £8
  • Extra Special Malbec – usually £7
  • Extra Special Bordeaux Sauvignon Blanc – usually £6.50
  • Extra Special Soave Classico – usually £6.25
  • Extra Special Pinot Grigio Rosé – usually £6
  • Extra Special Cotes Du Rhone – usually £7
  • Fentimans Twin Pack Rose – usually £6


  • Thorntons Chocolates – usually £6

Asda has kept the price of its Valentine’s Day meal deal the same as last year when it also cost £15.

The options are also pretty much identical, except you couldn’t choose to substitute your drink for chocolates in 2020.

You still got one starter, one main, two sides and one dessert last year.

The maximum saving at Asda this time is £10, compared to buying each item individually, if you go for the most expensive booze.

Each starter, side and dessert cost £2.50 each, while each main is priced at £7 usually – so this part of the deal would cost £17 normally.

Add on the priciest bottle of booze, the £8 bottle of cava rose, and your bill would normally be £25.

The deal takes this combination down to £15, so a maximum saving of £10.

This is bigger than the £8 saving Asda said shoppers could make last year.

Asda’s Valentine’s Day meal deal is available in stores nationwide from February 4 until February 16.

You can find your nearest store by using the Asda shop locator tool.

Other supermarkets that are charging £15 for their Valentine’s Day meal deals include Co-op, Morrisons and Tesco.

Morrisons offers the exact same combination of food – one starter, one main, two sides, one dessert, one drink or chocolates – but it has a maximum saving of £15.25.

Tesco also offers a similar choice of courses, but there isn’t an option to substitute the drink for a box of chocolates, and the maximum saving is £15.20.

If you go for the Co-op, you only get one side and the maximum saving is £9.80.

But it could still be a good option for non-drinkers, as the price of the meal deal is reduced to £12 – with a maximum saving of £8.05 – if you go for a soft drink.

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