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Angry parents slam Edinburgh cafe for using Peppa Pig drawing to advertise bacon sandwiches

PEPPA Pig is a firm fan favourite in households with young children and you can guarantee that she’ll be onscreen entertaining the little ones.

So, you can imagine parents’ upset when they came across one cafe in Edinburgh that decided to jump on the Peppa Pig hype in order to advertise their bacon sandwiches.

The chalkboard is displayed in the cafe's window


The chalkboard is displayed in the cafe’s windowCredit: The Scottish Sun

Gordon Street Coffee, located in Market Street in the city, used a drawing of Peppa Pig on a chalkboard displayed in the cafe window.

It had a picture of Peppa Pig with a big plus next to it followed by a drawing of a sandwich.

Only the tongue-in-cheek sign didn’t go down too well with parents passing by and they were quick to criticise the decision to use the much-loved cartoon to represent bacon.

Below Peppa was another drawing of a cartoon animal that appeared to be Ermintrude the cow from the Magic Roundabout.

Presumably meant to be playful, below the two character-based equations was an equals sign and a happy face.

However, parents weren’t so convinced their child would be left with a smile on their face if they’d seen poor old Peppa being added into a sandwich.

One mum told Edinburgh Live: “Even if you are not vegan or vegetarian that could be really upsetting. 

“My kids would be absolutely traumatised if they saw that sign, it’s really not funny.”

Another said: ““That is horrid. Every kid would be upset by this – like come on cartoon animals! Animals is bad enough…”

Many vegans also hit out at the sign on social media, branding it “sick” and “upsetting for kids”.


“That’s going to make a lot of children question food. I support that but damn this is pretty sick,” said one vegan, while others called it “insensitive”.

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Reah collapsed in hysterics after she left Nick to start the decorating and found he had created a monster instead of Peppa Pig.

Many vegans have been left outraged


Many vegans have been left outragedCredit: The Scottish Sun

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