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Amazon hot water bottle is selling fast and it’s EXACTLY what you need this winter

AMAZON is selling a hot water bottle for your feet and it’s exactly what you need this winter.

If you hate the cold, and are looking forward to wrapping up warm this winter, this hot bottle is here to upgrade your night in.

It's everything you need this winter


It’s everything you need this winterCredit: Amazon

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If your socks just aren’t cutting it anymore, then this incredible hot water bottle is the thing for you.

  • Heated Foot Warmer, £15.99, Amazon – buy here

Priced at £15.99, it’s available from, and is a must have for winter.

The hot water bottle has two pouches to slip your feet into, and a compartment with a 2L hot water bottle included.

You simply fill it up, slip your feet in and get nice, toasty and warm.

Perfect if you’re that person that’s always cold, the must have hot water bottle stays warm for a couple of hours, so is ideal for use at home in the evening, in bed – or whenever it gets a bit chilly.

The cover is also machine washable, so it can be reused countless time.

With a number of five star reviews, it’s also been a hit with shoppers.

One review called it “Life Changing”, saying “i live in a draughty cottage, and do not want to spend a fortune on central heating, nor do I like it. This product means I can relax in comfort with happily warm feet.

“Warm feet = warm body = proper relaxation. I use it with woollen socks and the HWB stays warm enough for a couple of hours. Absolute luxury!”

Another said ” Perfect for anyone struggling with cold feet!” adding “I have struggled with bad circulation and icy feet for a long time. Thick socks and other things did not do the trick.

“This product solved my cold feet problem in a matter of minutes! Extremely soft and comfortable and very easy to use. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who struggles to keep their feet warm in the winter.”

You can buy the Heated Foot Warmer from Amazon for £15.99 here.

Make sure to shop around, as it may be cheaper elsewhere.

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