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Amazon ‘glitch’ reduced air fryer from £48 to just £4

AN Amazon air fryer worth £48 was discounted down to just £4 – sending online shoppers into a frenzy.

Eagle-eyed shoppers spotted the discount, which could be a price glitch due to the size of the reduction.

Shoppers can also get free delivery when they buy the air fryer


Shoppers can also get free delivery when they buy the air fryer

The 4.5l RUXINGGU Air Fryer can be used to cook your favourite meals, and the method is healthier and quicker than traditional frying.

It was originally priced at £48, but eagle-eyed shoppers spotted it had been reduced to £3.99.

Delivery was also free – saving you more money – but the product isn’t expect to arrive until September 9.

However, the listing now says the air fryer is “currently unavailable”.

On Amazon’s website it says: “We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock”.

We searched for the best value air fryers still in stock online – although none of them were quite as cheap as £4.

Argos has a digital air fryer in stock for £36.99, and Wilko is selling a 2.4l version for £30.

Amazon has a range of other air fryers in stock, including this colourful mini gadget for £23.

We also spotted a £28 compact air fryer available at Asda – with 1.5l capacity.

It’s not clear yet whether the Amazon discount is an intentional deal or whether it is a price glitch on the website.

However, some customers have already had their orders cancelled.

This suggests that it could have been a mistake or that stock was very limited and too many orders were processed.

An Amazon spokesperson said: “Third party sellers set their own product prices and they are investigating the issue.”

Retailers don’t have to honour price glitches if it was a genuine mistake.

The can cancel your order and refund you the cash, usually within seven days.

However, once it’s been sent to you the company can’t usually cancel your order, even if it realises it’s sold you something at the wrong price.

Last month, shoppers spotted a glitch at Asda that allowed them to buy £37 worth of stamps for £25.

Another glitch at the supermarket also reduced the price of a £375 three-seater sofa to £10.

Amazon shoppers were also able to get a kids bunk bed after spotting a price glitch that reduced it from £219.99 to just £23.49.

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