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Aldi selling Little Moons dupe for £3

LITTLE Moons fans will be delighted as Aldi launches its own version of the mochi ice cream for £2.99.

The discount supermarket will introduce its new range of ice cream, which includes three flavours, next Monday.

Aldi's mochi ice cream will come in three flavours


Aldi’s mochi ice cream will come in three flavoursCredit: ALDI

Aldi is releasing its own version of the Japanese-inspired dessert that has been trending on apps like TikTok.

It’s made from soft chewy rice that encases a ball of ice cream and shoppers have been devastated in the past to find the treat sold out in supermarkets across the UK.

In each pack you get six mochi ice cream balls and Aldi is offering the treat in a mango flavour, tropical flavour and coconut flavour.

The mango and tropical flavours are vegan friendly too, and have 71 calories per piece, while the coconut flavour is 87 calories per piece.

At Ocado you can buy Little Moons for £4.50 so you could save £1.51 buying Aldi’s similar version.

But the original Little Moons brand offers more flavours like chocolate, vanilla and pistachio, so the extra 33% in price to buy the treat from Ocado will mean you get more choice.

The treat is sold out at supermarkets like Tesco though, so if you’re looking for a bargain then getting your hands on Aldi’s cheaper duplicate might be the better option.

The Wao Mochi Balls are available from May 17 and you’ll be able to pick them up at stores across the UK – find your closest with the locator tool.

You can’t get the ice cream treat delivered though because Aldi doesn’t deliver groceries, that’s unless you use a partner service like Deliveroo but it will set you back £4.99 in extra fees. 

There are over 15,000 mochi-themed videos trending on TikTok so the craze for the dessert means Aldi’s new version will likely be quick to sell out too.

Demand for the ice cream has risen massively since the beginning of the year with some mochi brands reporting sales increased by 2,000%.

But from summer ice cream to festive treats, Aldi is planning to sell mince pies in June to help families recreate Christmas as Covid rules are relaxed.

If you want to get your hands on any of the bargains then we have a guide to the store’s opening hours and delivery options that you should check out.

And if you’re after some more savings inspiration, then a supermarket chain dubbed “Russia’s Lidl” is set to open four stores in the UK – and it claims to be up to 30% cheaper than rivals.

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